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I’ve been removed from school for some years, and that was thoroughly enjoyable. I used to stay up until 2am and sleep in until noon. Once in a while, I’d go to an audition, even land a part or two; and spend a few days on set. The past few years were wonderland, but even wonderland ain’t paradise on earth. I got real restless and missed contributing and struggling and that’s what I’ve rediscovered here at RTA this year. 

High school was mandatory and I completed it – did well, even! First year of psychology however was uninteresting and unappealing to me though, so I dropped out indefinitely. I heard about RTA from friends who attended and it sounded like the only program where I might fit in and enjoy the post secondary experience. Now, I’m here and I am enjoying it, but I can’t understand why?! I’m absolutely atrocious at every aspect of the program thus far. This semester has demanded that we produce digital media and audio through editing software I’ve never touched before. We have barely a week with each interface before we hand in our productions. I haven’t been pleased with the quality of any of my projects, but somehow I’m still eager to show up to every class! I’m having a great time struggling beside students who I’m quickly becoming fans of. Every student I’ve had the pleasure of talking with is abundantly talented, the teachers are working professionals in an industry I’m dying to forge a stronger career in, they’re passionate about their lectures and specialties and the calibre of equipment and resources at our disposal is incredible, albeit I can hardly exercise these tools properly yet. 

I never thought I’d volunteer as a host personality on an early morning radio show with two other first year students, but we’re weeks in now with regular listeners and the soundboard is almost old hat to us now! In order to pass digital media, I’m forging friendships with kids talented in photoshop and after effects, out of necessity and admiration for their expertise in an area I have none. 

I really, sincerely feel privileged to be part of a team and network of students entering different facets of a really small industry together. It feels as though the school is sort of single handedly creating the next generation of radio and television for the whole country in our one RCC building. 

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