I am a child, so I laughed during our lecture on the design principles of photography, CRAP. But seriously though, it was pretty insightful and revealing of the formula that advertisements, magazines, blogs and photographers use to achieve outstanding images. Contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity are the principles by which digital media producers abide by when creating work. I scoured the internet briefly and found some images that prove the exercise of these principles in advertisements, magazines and impressive photos. 




The top image, out of a design magazine is a tremendous example of contrast. A great use of colour contrasted against the off-white background of the page. This display draws the eye of the viewer to the colour and is effective in achieving the response the producer wants of the consumer. Particularly in this magazine page, the .dsgn folks want to illustrate the effectiveness of contrast and colour on the page. 

The second photo utilizes a combination of two of the CRAP principles, contrast and repetition to further reinforce their concept. My interpretation of the photo of hijabed women and the unique ‘red hijab’ is that the red hijab is to be the focus of our attention and signify individuality or uniqueness and rebellion. Certainly those concepts are synonymous with the concepts of contrast within repetition. to contrast the repetition of hundreds of black scarves with a red scarf on the only clearly visible face in the crowd can only suggest individuality and uniqueness. The photo is enticing and allows those two design principles to speak volumes for itself. 

We consume alignment so, so often in our routines. Just checking on some sports news, I noticed that the photo of Mikhail Grabovski that correlates to the Grabovski print news story, right next to the Grabovski video coverage is a fantastic example of effective use of CRAP principles by the TSN web producers to direct their audience to streamlined coverage of that particular sports storyline.

These photos are only a few of those we come across daily that use and allow the CRAP principles in order to more effectively help us consume digital media.

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