About the Author

Rain Man starring Dustin Hoffman came out in 1989, the year I was born. My parents were so moved by Hoffman’s performance in the film that they named me after his character, Raymond Babbit. 

Today I’m an actor. 

I love being on camera, in the spotlight, centre stage, and winning all the accolades. I’m especially glad to be building a career as an actor in today’s rapidly growing media world. It’s an exciting time in media because we’re graduating from the stage and TV to digital media; smartphones, ipods, youtube, web streaming, netflix. The number of outlets to create and participate in media is growing everyday and able to accommodate my love for performance across more platforms than ever before. It was inspiring to sit in our digital media lecture and think about all the excuses I don’t have anymore for not creating work/art because of how free and accessible digital media is to everyone today. Digital media connecting everyone means that more people than ever before are able to reach and enjoy the best work in the world. We now have more options and channels than the presets on our cable TV.

Now while I love to work and am inspired to create, I have virtually no experience with digital media production (see what I did there? Punny stuff). I think right now, all I can do is bring a good attitude to BDC 192 and be open to discovering another side to the media I already work in. I’ll be less ignorant about my industry and am sure I’ll be equipped to strengthen my career or even try out a different aspect of the industry. I really, really am thrilled about being a part of RTA because of the reputation the school holds in maintaining relevance with the rapidly changing world. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with career or my interests, but I know that if I show up everyday at RTA, at least when I figure it out, I can step out of the school and be ready for work in the field right away.

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