I love this school and this program and everyone in the RCC building that I’ve met thus far. All the professors are passionate about the words they’re saying. They really work in the fields they’re teaching – Jamie directs us to his own website and his own examples of the exact same projects we’re doing. Elizabeth Martin, my audio lab teacher works up the street at the Much Music building producing content for Much, so you really feel like you’re following closely in the footsteps of teachers you can respect and aspire to.

Digital media taught me that there are so many facets of the industry that I hadn’t taken notice of before or realized the level of difficulty and work that goes into those pieces. I found that I wasn’t happy with myself as a digital media creator, but came to realize that I might be a great content producer! I think if I could gather the right people and create teams, some of the great ideas I have for content and productions could come to fruition even better than I imagined. This semester I enlisted the help of my peers, Kathleen Turner and Orest Kus on my photoshop and after effects projects, and they helped me turn what I thought were basic ideas into pretty decent pieces of work, I think. Further to that idea, I think if my inept handiwork were out of the way, they might have taken my ideas further than I was able to!

I did find through viewing my peer’s work in photoshop and after effects that I preferred the more simplistic work. Letting the colour, audio and typography do much of the heavy lifting in digital media, to me, goes a long way. I think I’ll always like the idea of digital media that can be saved as .gif and not have it’s content tarnished, I like it so simple that the 256 colours available in .gif would be sufficient to convey the message – that’s a pattern I picked up on in my taste while studying preferences in digital media. 

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