Artist Statement for Lord of the Flies After Effects

“Shoot for the moon, so at least if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”, that philosophy didn’t do me any favours in my attempt at photoshop, so I decided to reel in my vision and try a more simplistic idea for the more complex, after effects. 

I love the TV shows Lost and Gilligan’s Island and the film, Cast Away and the concept of being shipwrecked on a deserted island. My first taste of that concept came in elementary school when we read Lord of the Flies. I thought it would pay homage to one of my favourite storyline’s  to create a trailer for a Lord of the Flies movie. 

I adapted Orest Kus’ theme from his photoshop project for The Guardian. I liked the yellow gradient background and the simplistic black, vector drawn helicopter and waves. I created a darker yellow and black gradient background for this motion graphics assignment. I didn’t use photoshop excessively for this assignment, however, in the poly-tool there are banked shapes like animals, symbols … and an airplane! I had difficulty transferring the poly shape airplane from photoshop to after effects though, so I had to trace a vector around the plane in photoshop and then import the vector plane to after effects. I thought that was interesting and demanded some improvisation within an interface I’m not too comfortable with yet. I found that I wasn’t happy with the plane crash in my trailer – didn’t think it was coming across the plane was in trouble. It more appeared to me something reminiscent of the Catch Me If You Can trailer where the silhouetted shapes move in different directions, but no immediate danger is felt. I remedied this problem with more improv and creativity. One of the only tools I was comfortable with and had a chance to play with was opacity. I put a cluster of keyframes directly beside each other while the plane would cross frame and turned the opacity all the way up and down on every other keyframe in order to create and inverted colour over the plane so it would appear more chaotic, as if there was a ‘mayday’ signal. Beyond the plane sequence, I added some typography, but I did that through after effects. I was content with the font options the program had. 

Perhaps the trailer isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s my favourite piece of digital media I created this year because I couldn’t fathom that I would be able to create anything like this mere weeks ago. I’m proud of it. 

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