What’s Your Type?

Protest The Hero is a hard/metal/mathcore band I’ve been a giant fan of for nearly a decade. They’ve released four albums in the past 10 years, and yet have held my attention as paramount in music for so long based on their intricacy in every facet of their brand. Musically, the group weaves technical, masterful musicianship with lyricism/poetry that is relevant and double-entendred after a near decade. They offer insightful and in hindsight, ofttimes eerily astute political and social commentary. And finally, in accordance with everything that comprises their band, Protest The Hero’s album art is always fanciful, intricate, mightily detailed work.






It’s only fitting that right down to the typography, the band would wear a beautiful font. I can’t figure out the exact font type, but my best guess and research suggests that the font is an alternative on Avant Garde type with a serifed …maybe script? Surely, they had a professional typography artist build a custom font for them, as of course, Protest The Hero would; but the Avant Garde route would be my first guess towards trying to replicate their style. 

Beyond Protest The Hero, another font type I’m a fan of is that of a TV show I recurred on this year and am a huge fan of, Orphan Black. 



A pretty straight forward font type, it appears to be a sans-serif Futura Light. Maybe I’m biased because of my affiliation and affection for the show, but I think the simplistic font type, save for the coy helix in the ‘H’, is sweet and simple. 

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