After Effects

We’re underway with After Effects and I’m struggling to keep pace, honestly. I wish we had three more classes devoted to each tour of editing software, especially so with After Effects now, because in our first tutorial session with the software there were two fire alarm interuptions in the last hour of class, making it impossible to play with the tool. With the processes of Photoshop, Pro Tools, Premiere and now After Effects swirling about my memory in this first semester, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. However, the thing about the RTA program that I’m finding (and thank goodness this is the case!) is that different folks in my class and program are strong in different areas – so far, my forte just hasn’t surfaced, but I’m sure it will soon enough. 

In terms of my After Effects project, I am enlisting the help of my friend and class mate, Orest Kus to navigate the After Effects software. Orest’s photoshop assignment really stood out to me. He created a movie poster for the “The Guardian”, a film about coast guard rescuers. His poster was simplistic, but the colours, typography and style of cartoon he used was effective for me. At least, it lingered long enough in my memory that I want to aim to do something similar for my After Effects assignment. 

I’m attempting a poster for the book, “The Lord of the Flies”. My idea is a solid yellow gradient background (a la “The Guardian”) with  a plane flying in from the right to centre, at which point it will crack in half, sink vertically out of frame. Then, flies will rise from bottom of frame (buzzing) to half screen where they will be met by typography, “Lord of the Flies” accompanied by my voice uttering the title. The spot should last 5 seconds. 

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