Digital Diary

We’ve been challenged by our professor, Laurie Petrou, to record all of our interaction with any digital media for 24 hours and to contemplate that data. Just the way and the tone in which the challenge was been presented, lead me to believe that the findings were supposed to surprise and unnerve us. However, while I’m surprised at the exact figure of how often I check my phone and spend in front of a screen of some sort, I’m not unnerved or frightened by that number or our growing dependancy on digital media. It makes me happy at the idea that the future is upon us – at least chronologically, the future in my imagination, with flying cars and teleportation and multiple plains of existence/ consciousness would progress logically from today’s multi-platform digital media. A crude example, today if someone with a facebook page passes away, other people can still upload and tag never before seen photos of that deceased person. That image would update to that person’s still active, virtual profile; just the pun and idea of a deceased person updating their status is incredible and strange. And it’s only 2013, with that example it’s no longer unreasonable to sympathize with sci-fi folklore.

Here’s an infographic depicting 24hrs of my use of digital media, albeit mundane and not an example of what a good infographic entails i.e. photos, creative layout, colours etc. Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 2.25.32 AMScreen shot 2013-09-19 at 2.25.43 AM

An effective infographic would convey the data in my spreadsheet using images, colours, typography and creativity. The combination should make a piece of data that is easy to read and comprehend and thus efficient, effective and consumed quickly.

Like this, simple, effective Lakehead University infographic on TTC trains:macleans03

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